Description: A Clan of energetic human-like people who can shapeshift into foxes. They often live in the forest. Legend has it that they took the forest land from the Wolf people, which is why there is tension between their groups.
    Innate Ability: Shapeshifting (fox form)
    Hair: Autumn colors (orange, yellow, red; generally dark brown to light blonde.)
    Eyes: Blue, brown, green, hazel. Anything natural.
    Quirks: They have pronounced canines.
    Other: No markings.


    Description: A Clan of human-like people who can shapeshift into a fearsome wolf form. They live in the icy mountains, ruled by twelve leaders. Lately, there has been a shift in the balance of power...
    Innate Ability: Shapeshifting (wolf form)
    Quirks: Their Wolf form retains the markings on their body. They have pronounced canines.
    Other: Markings on the body and face, usually high contrast with the skin. Their tongues and insides are blue.


    Description: Impish, mischievous aquatic people who live in the marshland. Demons are content to toy with other people rather than do real harm. There are so many of them, their population divides between the 'civilized' Demons and the 'feral' ones.
    Innate Ability: Can breathe underwater.
    Hair: Swamp colors (Dark green, grey, slate blue, black, brown; earthy or very subtle colors) or any colors as long as they are of the same color palette as the environment
    Eyes: Bright colors, acid green, yellow, electric blue, bright pink.
    Skin: Shark colors, grey, brown, light blue, dark blue, dark green, etc. No human-like skin colors. Can also be any color as long as they are of the same color palette as the environment.
    Quirks: Their names are words that have to do with where they live; trees / plants / fish / insects. Like the Winged people, elongated facial scales are analogous to facial hair. All of their teeth are sharp, like a piranha.
    Other: Their torso usually has a second, lighter color in the middle. Their tails are either insect-like or fish-like. Their skin may have spots or stripes.


    Description: The bird-like winged people of the tall forest. They live in houses high up in the branches of trees where they can observe people below. Some get swapped by accident into Demon nests and vice-versa, resulting in odd families.
    Innate Ability: They can fly.
    Hair: Any. Can even be one color with another on the tips.
    Physical build: Any, but the heavier or muscular they are, the much less likely they are to fly.
    Quirks: Instead of facial hair, the Winged analogy is facial feathers.
    Other: All have full face markings, which can be high contrast or not. Wings are often the same as hair color.


    Description: The offspring of a Fox and Wolf person or a Fox or Wolf and human. These people cannot shapeshift but have other abilities that make them unique. They can easily thrive in places that are hot because their ears cool them off.
    Innate Ability: Increased hearing / stealth from animal blood.
    Quirks: Their pointed animal-like ears may be dark at the tips or light.
    Other: Some have markings and or pronounced canine teeth. The ears move back and forward.


    Description: A group of people with supernatural powers, indistinguishable from humans, but with full body markings. Jokingly called 'sky humans' by animal people. They come from the strict Seral Order, a secretive society that strives to protect the weak, among other things.
    Innate Ability: All are born with Elemental powers.
    Quirks: Once they leave their people, their powers are weakened and they are never allowed to return.
    Other: Every Seral is given markings as a rite of passage. They are unique to each person. Seral people don't like to meddle in Clan affairs.


    Description: Anthropomorphic animal people whose powers are as varied as their appearance. Humans and Ochai living together were the subject of many human fables, as that's how it was in ancient times. Like the Demon people, there are 'feral' and 'civilized' ones.
    Innate Ability: Ochai are more likely than other people to be skilled in magic.
    Skin: Fur / feather / scale color is usually the same as hair color but darker or lighter.
    Physical build: Any. Can look like a mammal, reptile, or avian creature. They never have wings, but can have tails, claws, beaks, horns, hooves, and spikes.
    Quirks: The ones with one name (first name only) are more feral, the ones with a first and last name are more accepting of human culture.
    Other: Ochai are usually at odds with Clan people and humans. It is rare for an Ochai living among other Ochai to be accepting of humans and Clan people. Their tongues and insides are medium bluish purple.


    Description: Robotic-looking people who live in a futuristic underground city. Often mistaken for automatons. Some of them can climb and walk on walls. Rumor has it that they are the descendants of a type of reptilian monster.
    Innate Ability: Acrobatic, high jumping.
    Quirks: All of them have mask-like faces and may have claws or tails.
    Other: Suvari faces don't typically move and the only substance they need to consume is nectar. They are more likely to ally themselves with the like-minded futuristic Seral than any other group.


    Description: People with no supernatural or animal-like abilities, also called 'non-shifters' to the other Clan people. There are much fewer humans in the world than Clan people. However, because of this, they tend to be much more powerful in groups.
    Innate Ability: Able to easily learn weapon skills.
    Quirks: Humans can be born as Elementals, meaning they can manipulate a specific element. However, honing this skill takes many years, and is dangerous. It is a rare trait.
    Other: Humans are said to be the only proficient users of weapons. Clan people, the Seral, Suvari and Ochai often reject weaponry because it is a human invention. It is not unheard of for them to use weaponry, though.


    The Mercenaries of Ryndele

    Seven warriors of varying origins and skills from the quiet town Ryndele. Their party includes: Xerxes the swordsman; Mordecai the alchemist; Hitero the Ice mage; Osric the dual-wielder; Violene the archer; Vael the fighter; and Skua the treasure hunter.

    Atrous Phoenix Alliance

    A collective name for the alliance between the Wolf Clan under Bastian's control, Osric and his knights, and Remora's Thieve's Guild. Others have joined them under the condition that Bastian's power and influence pretty much gets them the chance to do whatever they want without repercussions.

    The Silver Star

    These two Ochai jerks from Miaus, Miral the dragoness and Orenak the snow leopard. Anti-human with emphasis on raw strength. A long time ago there were five of them, but in all their travels, three of them defected due to conflict within their group.

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