June 7th, 2014, 11:00 am

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August 25th, 2019, 12:15 pm


June 7th, 2014, 11:22 am

Oh man what if Mordecai had thrown it right in her face by accident

June 7th, 2014, 2:22 pm

Mordecai's just mad because the monster interrrupted their killer action pose.

June 7th, 2014, 3:25 pm

@Zukahnaut hahaha well, let's just say he'd be in trouble!

@melaredblu He didn't even get a one-liner in, how dare that monster!

June 7th, 2014, 9:47 pm

Don't you hate it when you go out farming for ingredients for exploding vials, then you have to use the last of your exploding vials to not die so you can go get ingredients to make more vials? Ugh, man.

June 7th, 2014, 10:09 pm

@SunScales Mordecai's sick of these crafting quests ugh

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